Maxwell Chase Photo Gallery

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have little sympathy for people who complain about the weather. Unless I am the one doing the complaining, then it’s justified. My mom doesn’t like that I want to start my bio with a joke, thinking no one will take me seriously. But the joke’s on her! I stopped listening after she started talking. She didn’t like that one either. I am sure she would rather I write about how hard working I am, how dedicated I am to my craft.. how handsome I am. I mean, it’s all true, but where else am I going to put this seamless transition? Technically I live two lives. My life in L.A., where I hide indoors and become a master of the ways of the PS4 controller to avoid the heat and my life in Washington, where I hide outdoors in the mountains, and become a master of the ways of the fishing pole to avoid the heat. I know what you are thinking, “This guy must really like cold weather and is really handsome!” Yeah, you are right. Now you are thinking, “This guy must have a lot of endearing snark up his sleeve and is really handsome!” We just went over this, but again you are right.