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Maxwell Chase is a film, television, commercial & voice actor best known for his critically acclaimed lead as Tim in the teen coming of age film Rolling and Leonard Cole in TNT’s The Librarians with Rebecca Romijn & Christian Kane. Max has been cast in over 100 projects, portraying a variety of dramatic & comedic characters, including Funny or Die, Discovery’s Scary Tales, Cedar Fair, Comedy Central’s Workaholics & Audi. In 2015 he will be the voice of Rex Voltz in animated feature The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul and appears opposite Garrett M. Brown in Hello, My Name Is Frank. He is a Northwest native with a black belt in Taekwondo, a three time WA Open Forms Champion with stage & theatrical combat weapons and firearms experience. Max completed high school at 16 and is working toward a degree in Business. He loves animals, enjoys fitness, baseball, fishing, chess, traveling, writing, gaming, skateboarding and guitar.