Maxwell Chase ResumeMaxwell Chase - Resume Contacts

The Librarians  Guest Star Marc Roskin/TNT
Hello, My Name Is Frank  Supporting Dale Peterson/Magic Ring Productions
Wine Guys  Lead Rogue Division/Nine Entertainment
Mark Upon The Flesh  Lead iNK Films
Walk-Ons  Lead Crowned Prince Productions
Rolling  Lead Damon Jamal/In Yo FACE Filmworks
Dating Pains  Guest Star Marc Cartwright/Lucky Rabbit Entertainment
Squaresville Recurring Matt Enlow/ReKon Productions
Piel Salvaje  Series Regular RCTV Productions/ VOXX Studios
The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul  Various Small Pond Productions
Losopolis Lead EnterAktion Studios
List available upon request 
Cold Read, On-Camera, Scene Study Tess Kirsch, Margie Haber
Improvisation Upright Citizens Brigade
Commercial Judy Kain, Killian McHugh
Voiceover, ADR, Animation Sue Boyajian, Lynnanne Zager
Height: 5’4″ Weight: 130 Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Hazel Build: Athletic
Combat Weapons Firearms Parkour Instructor  Black Belt TaeKwonDo Baseball
SAG-AFTRA 18tpy U.S. Passport

‘I loved working with Max on Radio America.  He is a gifted actor and an intelligent artist, but he’s also responsible, kind, and highly self motivated. He takes direction well and his love for his craft shows in his performances.’ 

Christopher Showerman   Producer, Shorris Film    Director, Radio America


‘Max is an energetic, hard-working actor with a bevy of ideas and performance choices in his holster. Working with him allows the filmmaker to make choices between various types of great performances, rather than waiting for the one good take.’ 

A.J. Wedding    Producer, The Production Green    Director, Junior Crew